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PanGlobal Mypower

PanGlobal Mypower

PanGlobal is gradually moving away from the steps to access MYPOWER that were included on the inside front cover of our products. We are now issuing instant access to our online resources with select books.  You can expect instant access with your orders of the following:

  • Third Class (Ed 3) Part A Textbook Set
  • Third Class (Ed 3) Part B Textbook Set
  • Third Class (Ed 3) Part A Workbook
  • Third Class (Ed 3) Part B Workbook
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator (Ed 3)
  • Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook Set (Ed 1)
  • Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan Set (Ed 1)

Important Note

  • Purchases made directly through our eStore will be granted instant access to the accompanying online resources.
  • Purchases of more than one unit of the same book will have instant access granted for one book, while the others will be issued an access card. The card provides clear directions for accessing MYPOWER, with a redemption code that gives access to the online resources for the additional units purchased.

Electronic Version of the Academic Supplement

Did you know that we have included an electronic version of the updated Academic Supplement (Ed. 2) with the purchase of all PanGlobal Materials from 5th – 2nd Class Textbooks? This version includes an updated periodic table and supports the revised Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3), in addition to multiple other enhancements. Simply log in with the Username & Password information from your new materials, and you will be able to access the charts, tables and other updated data – all through the LMS!

Need a printed book to take into your certification exam? Purchase a copy from our online bookstore at powerengineering.org and we will ship it directly to you!

Updates to the Academic Supplement

The Academic Supplement has been updated to Edition 2.0, to reflect technological change and to support the revised 4th Class Edition 3. The Academic Supplement Edition 2.0 now has a full-colour cover, and has a revised refrigeration section featuring:

  • Consistent use of ASHRAE refrigerant data
  • New, easier to read charts and saturation tables
  • Extensive superheat tables
  • Data for refrigerants currently in use, including natural refrigerants

In addition to the changes in the refrigeration section, the Academic Supplement Edition 2.0 also has an up-to-date periodic table with more useful data. Other content changes have been made to help learners with formulae application, and to re-validate physical constants.

The Academic Supplement Edition 1.0 will continue to support learners under the current SOPEEC syllabus. However, all learners (especially those studying the new 4th Class Edition 3) are strongly advised to use the new Academic Supplement in their studies and examinations.

Academic Supplement

Historically, the Academic Supplement has been included with each set of 5th-1st Class textbooks purchased from PanGlobal. Feedback from learners has indicated that they end up with multiple copies of the Academic Supplement, and do not wish to keep paying for duplicate copies of the book which they already have.

The Academic Supplement has undergone an update at the request of IPECC and SOPEEC. The new Academic Supplement will now be available separately from each set of learning materials, allowing learners to order Academic Supplements as needed. Any learners beginning their studies with the new 4th Class Edition 3 will need to purchase an Academic Supplement along with their other learning materials.

Further information regarding the release of the revised 2017 Academic Supplement will be posted on our Product Update Releases page. Click What's New? at www.powerengineering.org for more information.

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