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Accessing MYPOWER has never been easier!

Accessing MYPOWER  has never been easier!

We recently announced that we were gradually moving away from usernames and passwords to access MYPOWER; additional online resources included on the inside front cover of our textbooks. Multiple quantity purchases of the same products were issued access cards.

1. Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook Set.
2. Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan Set Ed. 1
3. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 1 [Ed. 4]
4. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 2 [Ed. 4]
5. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 3 [Ed. 4]
6. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 4 [Ed. 4]
7. Third Class Part A Textbook Set [ed. 3]
8. Third Class Part B Textbook Set [ed. 3]

In an effort to simplify the login process, these materials will now include a sticker located on the front inside cover with a single access code.

Important Note: The following Editions will have a sticker temporarily included on the front cover until further notice. 

1. Third Class Part A Textbook Set [ed. 3]
2. Third Class Part B Textbook Set [ed. 3]



  1. Navigate to mypower.panglobal.org
  2. Create an account or login
  3. Navigate to My Books
  4. Enter your access code into the Enter Access Code Field, located at the top-right on the page
  5. Once redeemed, select the product listed on the left side of the page
  6. Click Online Resources to access the online resources for your textbook

NIULPE’s new website is complete and live!


PanGlobal is excited to announce that our project to redesign NIULPE’s website is complete and live! The National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers, Inc. (NIULPE) is a national certifying organisation in the United States and is an integral part of PanGlobal’s entrance into U.S. markets.

Visitors to NIULPE’s site are greeted with a landing page that features quick navigation icons to NIULPE’s examination services and certification processes. The NIULPE eCommerce store features customized PanGlobal textbooks and eBooks that meet NIULPE’s certification requirements and target specific customer groups. The eCommerce store also integrates directly with PanGlobal’s inventory management system to cut down on administrative work and allow for quick product delivery to customers.

This project was completed with consideration to support NIULPE’s unique selling proposition as the leading Power Engineering certification body in the United States. As NIULPE is our partner for certification in the United States, increasing their exposure and market share also fuels PanGlobal’s U.S. growth.

This has been an exciting project for PanGlobal, and we anticipate future successes with NIULPE as we continue to partner in education.


Hong Kong Great Wanda


PanGlobal Training Systems Ltd. has long been engaged in the design, development, and delivery of world-class learning resources for the regulated trades and energy technology education sector.
We are here to proudly announce our global partnership with Hong Kong Great Wanda Company Ltd. (HGWC) to serve as our associate in Asia. HGWC continues to provide fully accessible, technically and industrially relevant training experience that meets the contemporary needs of the workforce in that region.
With a shared vision to empower the regulated trades and energy technology education sector, HGWC, in collaboration with PanGlobal, strives to make a wider and more significant impact on the Asian marketplace by delivering an effective, internationally qualified energy sector program. This program provides widely recognized world-class certification.

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