PanGlobal announces Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5

PanGlobal is excited to announce Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5

Changes include a new chapter in Unit 9 addressing Refrigeration concepts in response to Technical Safety British Columbia’s investigation into two BC incidents (Fernie and Langley). 

The new content of this addendum emphasizes the testing of:

  • Secondary refrigeration systems
  • Safe operation of ammonia refrigeration systems, and
  • Maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5 also features the following:

  • 12 individual Part B Units sold as a set
  • Updates to images
  • Inclusion of errata and corrections
  • References to the PanGlobal CSA Extract have been removed



Note: To support the ongoing safety of the Power Engineering and Refrigeration industries, PanGlobal continues to make the addendum on refrigeration available to all learners at no extra cost. This content is accessible using the link below:

Access the Refrigeration Addendum eBook

View-only access. Take it offline using the PGKnowledge app!


Important Note: The following sets are the only single source set of learning materials approved by both IPECC & SOPEEC to meet the Syllabus & Curriculum standards required to successfully prepare for the 4th Class National Certification Examinations:

  • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3.5)
  • Fourth Class Part B (Ed. 3.5)
  • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3)
  • Fourth Class Part B (Ed. 3)

Written by : sdickin

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