Announcing the PanGlobal Corrections Contest Winner

Congratulations to Adam Anton!

We are pleased to announce Adam Anton as the winner of PanGlobal’s Corrections Contest. This contest, which ran for over six months, saw learners and instructors alike submitting corrections of PanGlobal’s learning products. Over the course of the contest, 80 submissions were received by our Subject Matter Experts, reviewed and compared to our current materials, and corrected where necessary.

Adam submitted ten (10) corrections which were reviewed and incorporated into PanGlobal's learning materials. As the contest winner, Adam has been awarded with a full set of Second Class (Ed 2.5) learning materials. When notified of his selection, Adam had the following to say:

"I am so pleased to have actually won a set of books from PanGlobal. It comes at a great time during a pandemic where just about the only thing there is to do is study! I have used the CIRKA content for all of my exams and some 2nd class exams, and would (and definitely have) recommended them to friends and workers. CIRKA won’t show you the answers which is good, because it enforces the learner to actually look in the books and find the correct answer. I would definitely recommend the CIRKA content for anyone pursuing any class of exams."

We thank everyone who participated in the contest for their submitted corrections, as the results further strengthen our accurate and precise materials. All corrections found on an ongoing basis are made available in MyPower under Corrections and Updates and are published in future print runs of our learning materials.

Written by : sdickin

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