IPECC (Inter-Provincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee) is an open organization which allows Industry, Educators and Jurisdictional Representatives to work together to keep the Power Engineering Curricula up-to-date and current with the technology and changes that are taking place in power and heating plants across Canada. IPECC also provides SOPEEC with suggested updates to the Power Engineering syllabi for all levels of Power Engineering.

SOPEEC (Standardization of Power Engineering Exams Committee) maintains the syllabi for all levels of Power Engineering and establishes exam content to meet the syllabi. Membership in SOPEEC is restricted to jurisdictional members only. Each province/jurisdiction has one member who looks after the examinations for their jurisdiction and attends IPECC and SOPEEC meetings every year. SOPEEC recommends syllabi changes to the ACI (Canadian Association of Chief Inspectors) who are the owners of the syllabi.

The ACI is composed of Chief Inspectors from each Canadian jurisdiction (although titles may vary due to the influx of new safety legislation in jurisdictions).

If you would like to get involved with IPECC, please visit the website www.ipecc-net.com for information on the upcoming meeting in Montreal (June 2017).

Written by : sdickin

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